Partying for Relevancy


Everyone has a dream or two that involves Hollywood and its glitz, glamour, and financial gluttony. Having an amazing talent along with a no-holds barred agent will get you only so far into the public eyes and the tight networking community; but it takes a bit more than that. It takes the ability and willingness to climb the social ladder of Hollywood by attending the “go-to” events so that people become familiar with your brand like Perez Hilton.

For those that need to maximize their networking reach and public visibility, they must engage in the social practices of Hollywood. This means attending various events throughout the year, and not just those within the confines of Hollywood. Hollywood parties stretch the country. Where there are starlets, there is a limelight grappling, Hollywood caliber event to attend.

At the top of the “can’t miss” parties are those associated with awards shows. These parties occur both re and post event and receive and absorbent amount of media coverage. Also, these gatherings offer an abundant amount of opportunities for networking with the best of the best within the industry. Encounters during these parties can lead to additional work, exposure and more invitations that will keep you in the forefront of the public’s mind. Many people opt to simply attend the awards show, walk the red carpet and rely on that exposure to propel them forward. That is a casual mistake, due to the amount of relationships that are formed at the parties surrounding the event.

In addition the parties that accompany awards shows are brimming with free merchandise and swarming with top designers and more. Why not allow yourself to be pamper while you vie to be the next Chanel girl or a walking billboard for the season’s hottest designer.

The next most beneficial type of event to attend are premieres. Whether for a movie or the theater, you need to be on that red carpet. Between the pictures and television interviews, there is not a better way to become (or remain) relevant to your fan base, while gaining new followers. Many people tend to avoid premiers that are not their own and that is a huge mistake. Take part in the prepaid festivities, while networking and gaining exposure for yourself. Increasingly, bloggers are attending these events and how you handle yourself while there can have you viral by the time you wake up in the morning.

Often times, celebrities will host listening parties, showcases and birthday celebrations. These are wonderful intimate parties that allow you to not only engage with celebrities but also their fan base. At this type of event, you have a way to first hand attract a larger following while gaining accreditation by being a VIP guest of the host or hostess.

With today’s technology and the willingness for celebrities to let us into their world, it is much easier now to gain a place in the limelight for yourself. This can be done with the same comfort and ease that you have when visiting your favorite local club or bar. All you need to be willing to do is have fun, relax and let the party make you relevant to the fame and the fans.

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